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About Corowa-Wahgunyah

The region of Corowa-Wahgunyah is located on the border of Victoria and New South Wales, Australia. It is a picturesque area known for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and renowned wineries. Whether you're interested in exploring the outdoors, immersing yourself in cultural heritage, or indulging in local produce, Corowa-Wahgunyah has something for everyone.

Getting to Corowa - Wahgunyah

By Air:

The nearest major airports to Corowa-Wahgunyah are:

  • Albury Airport (New South Wales) - Approximately 58 km (36 mi) away
  • Melbourne Airport (Victoria) - Approximately 292 km (181 mi) away

By Car:

If you prefer traveling by car, you can reach Corowa-Wahgunyah via:

  • From Melbourne: Take the Hume Freeway (M31) northbound and continue for approximately 3 hours (292 km).
  • From Sydney: Take the Hume Highway (M31) southbound and continue for approximately 6 hours (648 km).

By Train:

Unfortunately, there are no direct train services to Corowa-Wahgunyah. The closest major train stations are:

  • Albury Railway Station (New South Wales) - Approximately 49 km (30 mi) away
  • Wangaratta Railway Station (Victoria) - Approximately 64 km (40 mi) away

By Bus:

Coach services operate to Corowa-Wahgunyah, connecting with major cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra. For detailed schedules and booking information, please check with the local bus providers.

Local Transportation

Once you have arrived in Corowa-Wahgunyah, the following transportation options are available for exploring the region:

Car Rental:

Several car rental agencies operate in Corowa-Wahgunyah, offering a convenient way to travel around the area at your own pace.


Local taxi services are available for shorter trips within Corowa-Wahgunyah. Contact local taxi operators for bookings and enquiries.

Bicycle Hire:

If you prefer eco-friendly transportation, bicycle hire services are available in some locations. Explore scenic trails and enjoy the fresh air while cycling.


The town centers of Corowa and Wahgunyah are relatively compact, making walking a pleasant and convenient option to explore local attractions, shops, and restaurants.


Corowa-Wahgunyah offers a range of accommodation options including hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, and holiday parks. Choose from the various options based on your preferences and budget.

Local Attractions

Corowa-Wahgunyah boasts several must-visit attractions, such as:

  • Murray River - Enjoy river cruises, watersports, or relax by the scenic riverbanks.
  • Federation Museum - Discover the history of Federation and the Birthplace of Australian Federation in Corowa.
  • Wineries and Cellar Doors - Experience the region's renowned wines through tastings and vineyard tours.
  • Outdoor Activities - Engage in activities like hiking, fishing, golfing, and cycling in the beautiful surroundings.

Plan Your Trip

For more information on attractions, events, and local services, consider visiting the official tourism websites of Corowa-Wahgunyah or contacting local visitor centers to help plan your trip.

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