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Covid 19

Vaccine Hesitancy in the Phillipines

My good friend Father Virgil Rosalita priest of the Bankas Missionary Church, Toril, Davao City, Mindanao, Southern Phillipines is confirmed positive for Corona Virus, His wife Dimple is taking care of him.

A corona mRNA Vaccine is available free to Phillipines Citizens by president Duterte "Vacinate anyone who wants a shot" that now due to the very dire situation there (1.3 Million cases) he now says if you dont get vaccinated you go to Jail.

I spoke with Virgil and my friends there in Toril a few weeks ago about the Vaccine, as I have studied the technology and beleive it to be valid, I have had it myself, it is certainly not good though a lesser evil than the virus, I encouraged them to get vaccinated and certainly as I know what the horrors of healthcare can be like there. The suggestion was met with negativiy they were not willing. why? because they have been reading the propoganda spread by the nutter Anti Vaxxers, because you idiots had made them very very scared of it.

The fee for medical Oxygen in Davao is 20,000 Pesos (About 2-4 months wages if you actually have a job) I am not sure if that is per cylinder, this is what I am hearing.

Virgil and his wife are the most generous people you can imagine, Virgil plays piano, guitar and preaches in his church. Sundays are dedicated to the church, in the afternoon they sing songs under the Miracle Tree. They travel into the slums of Davao and teach Bible Study to hundreds of desperatley poor children, Giving Hope

Below is the church, video taken from the last time I was there in 2016, Virgil is playing Piano in the blue shirt the girls who are singing are family cousins, Schaznie May, Carla Mae and Gan Gan. this is the Church Virgil and his family are building.

In Davao, Phillipines there is no such fabulous thing as MEDICARE, if you need medical assistance or wind up in Hospital, you are locked in until your family or friends can pay the bill, I did visit a Hospital in Davao when I was there in 2016, there are guards on the doors, it gets serious if you cant pay the bill there, or you can just die on the street.

If you are an Antivaxxer spreading your silly propoganda please seriously think about the consequences of your actions. it is people like this who start to beleive you, not the likes of us who have the luxury of first world health care should we be a little stupid

Virgil Covid 19

The Doctor has been to the house, I have received news his test is positive for Covid 19, below Blood Oximeter reading 89 that is not good, his wife is begging me for money. I can give what I can to help them though where does it end? and next minute Dimple is Infected too. Virgil and Dimple have Three young children. Phillipino people are very generous and family oriented, I worry someone is well enough to care for the children, if they are ok too, no doubt the community will step up and help best they can, though with 1.3 million infected. frankly Jesus Christ.

pulse oximeter

Below is the first bill for the Doctors Services thats $9658 Peso they cant afford to continue the oxygen Virgil needs, this bill I beleive is for the Visit and the Chest Xray. Dimple is begging me for help with it.

Initial Covid Treatment Medical Bill

If you can make a small donation towards helping Virgil and Dimple with their Medical Bills
A big thank you
I am sure if by luck and prayers there are any extra proceeds they will go to the local Bankas church and helping others in the region with bills as no doubt going forward more friends and family members in Toril Davao will be infected

This donation button goes directly to Virgil and Dimple's Account, I am not collecting money for them

Thank you

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